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Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
Meetings and Events of the Academy of Management:

The Academy of Management holds multiple events each year. The largest and longest-run of these is the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, now approaching its 79th year. The first ever global conference, known as the AOM Africa Conference, was held in January 2013. This conference was a smaller, experiential focused one centered around the cultural experiences and developing management scholar in South Africa. There are also smaller workshops and events run through the Academy's 25 Division & Interest Groups

AOM Africa Conference AOM Africa Conference

The purpose of the AOM Africa Conference is to bring Africa’s unique capabilities and needs to the attention of the world’s organization and management scholars and at the same time, to provide an opportunity for interested colleagues to collaborate and work on the many interesting theoretical and practice problems presented in Africa.

  • Future Meetings

    Take a look at where our annual meeting is headed…

    2019 Boston, Massachusetts
    August 9-13

    2020 Vancouver, BC, Canada
    August 7-11

    2021 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    July 30-August 3

    2022 Seattle, Washington
    August 5-9

    2023 Boston, Massachusetts
    August 4-8

    2024 Chicago, Illinois
    August 9-13

    2025 Copenhagen, Denmark
    July 25-29 

    2026 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    August 10-14

    2027 Seattle, Washington
    July 30-August 3

  • Past 5 Annual Meetings

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
    Theme: The Power of Words
    Program Chair: Debra Shapiro, University of Maryland

    Lake Buena Vista, Florida
    Theme: Capitalism in Question
    Program Chair: Paul Adler, University of Southern California

    Boston, Massachusetts
    Theme: The Informal Economy
    Program Chair: R. Duane Ireland, Texas A&M University

    Location: San Antonio, TX
    Theme: West Meets East: Enlightening, Balancing, and Transcending

    Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada
    Theme: Dare to Care

    (Complete list of past Annual Meetings)

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